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This is just a vision. A vision stirred by the love in our hearts for the fatherless and motherless; for those who do not have a roof over their heads or a family to call their own; for the street kids in Bolivia, among other places, who sniff glue to cope with life; for the children at risk of exploitation and for those already exploited—whether it be child labor, child trafficking, physical abuse, or other forms; and even for those children who are recruited to exploit other children. This is a vision that one day—hopefully soon, we can actually do something to help these children, to be vessels of protection and refuge for them, sharing the love of Christ with them, and helping them experience the joy that could only come from knowing Christ. Click here to read more about this vision!



Shaw Family Ministry Video

This is the first version of the Shaw’s Update Slideshow I made for them. I am going to make some shorter and some more in depth movies of specific ministries. Praise God that it worked to upload this video on youtube – it took all night! Check out the Shaw’s youtube site and their website.